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FEV Group continues strategic path of growth

Turnkey Vehicle Development

29. November 2018 | Corporate

Turnkey Vehicle Development

FEV recently expanded its expertise significantly in several areas at once. With its acquisition of B&W Vehicle Development, the corporate group is widening its expertise and capacities in the turnkey vehicle development segment. With more than three hundred employees at international locations, B&W offers its customers solutions in the fields of body shells, interior, exterior, surfacing, model construction, testing, and electricity/electronics. With the fully owned B&W subsidiary EDL Rethschulte GmbH, expertise in the field of lighting technology is also expanding.

B&W Vehicle Development GmbH is already a force to be reckoned with in the European automotive industry. The company provides its automotive customers worldwide with everything from a single source – from the development of individual modules to entire bodies. With the integration of B&W, the FEV Group can expand its capacities in important fields and also gain employees with engineering expertise in all aspects of vehicle development. At a time of increasingly complex project specifications that aim for holistic vehicle expertise, this step also reinforces FEV’s claim to be a reliable partner in turnkey vehicle development.

Production- and process-optimized product development and construction
The FEV Group also fully acquired Swabian engineering service provider, Suarez & Bewarder GmbH & Co. KG, supplementing its resources and expertise in the fields of interior and exterior automobile development, as well as module and platform strategies for trucks and vans. In the increasingly significant fields of production-ready development, validation, and construction of exterior and interior vehicle components in the context of design and packaging, integrating the two companies allows us to gain new expertise.

Software developer UniPlot creates synergies
Another new member of the corporate group is UniPlot Software GmbH. This company, founded in the 1990s by brothers Samuel and Roman Brüggenkoch, develops software used for the analysis and visual representation of measurement data for a worldwide client base – including well-known companies in the automotive industry. FEV too has been making effective use of UniPlot as an established solution for several years, meaning that absorbing the company is a logical step from which positive synergies are expected.

Stefan Pischinger and Haraldo Brandenburg
From left: Haraldo Brandenburg, Managing Director of B&W Fahrzeug­entwicklung GmbH and Professor Stefan Pischinger, President and CEO of the FEV Group

From engine and powertrain solutions to overall vehicle development

Location Italy

28. November 2018 | Corporate

Location Italy

FEV Italy was founded fourteen years ago in order to position FEV closer to local customers to provide optimal support. Since then, close partnerships have been established with Italian universities, such as the Politecnico di Torino and the Università di Bologna, as well as with other research companies. Two FEV Competence Centers were subsequently opened on this basis, in which, among other things, projects for engine development, engine and vehicle calibration, and benchmarking are being implemented. Earlier this year, FEV opened the Energy Center in Turin.

Thanks to the Italian company STEA, which belongs to the FEV Group, there is an additional focal point on overall vehicle development. At the Italian locations of Turin and Modena, STEA develops extensive mechanical and engineering solutions with a focus on packaging, ergonomics, and layouts. Thus, with growing user expectations regarding functionality and design, FEV is now able to provide its customers with designs for the interior and the exterior from a single source.

FEV Italy employs 160 people and houses three dynamic engine test benches for performance and emission testing for engines with power up to 350 kW, three chassis dynamometers (two and four wheel, 160/250 kW), and a powertrain test bench (for engine, transmission, and hybrid drives).