FEV India

10 Years of Top-Level Engineering Services

28. July 2019 | Corporate

FEV India was founded in 2006 in Delhi. In 2009, the company opened its technical center in Pune, which is located in the Talegaon region and assumes two hectares of space. Starting with two test benches, one equipped with a direct current load unit for performance and emissions testing and another equipped with an eddy current load unit for endurance testing, the available resources have been continuously increased since then. 

Since 2013, FEV India also operates a software center in Chennai that meets the needs of Indian OEMs regarding hybrid and electric drive technology.

In 2016, the upgrade included an additional seven state-of-the-art test benches and since then, a wide variety of services are offered regarding vehicle and engine development, mechanical development and testing, prototype testing, creation, and assessment, as well as engine performance and emissions. In addition to this, there are services in the fields of transmission and OBD calibration. 

FEV’s new Vehicle Development Center in Pune opened the following year. The facility has a 250 kW 4×2 chassis dynamometer with three exhaust gas measuring lines (one diluted, two raw exhaust gas measuring lines) that can be upgraded to a 4×4 drive. The facility also enables the execution of measurements in accordance with Indian and European emission regulations including future regulations, such as WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light-Duty Test Procedure) and RDE (Real Driving Emissions). 

Additionally, through another expansion of company capacities in 2018, stricter requirements due to new emission regulations and electrification were met. To this end, the new facility includes a total of eight test benches meeting the newest requirements, including a dynamic chassis dynamometer with two raw exhaust gas measuring lines and the option of height simulation, and the measurement of Particulate Matter, a PN Counter and soot emissions with a Portable Emissions Measuring System. Furthermore, an advanced powertrain NVH development center for vibration measurement and transmission applications is being implemented.

In May 2019, FEV India expanded its location and inaugurated a new mobility center. The new mobility center, which is located close to the Mumbai metropolitan region, will pave the way for advanced technologies in the Indian market. In addition to state-of-the-art BS6 powertrain test benches and the virtual calibration platform “VCAP”, the center also has a new NVH test bench. The already existing facilities, such as powertrain, vehicle roller with PEMS, HiL and friction test benches are thus ideally complemented. FEV now has a total of 20 test benches at its Pune location.

Additional battery and EDU test benches are planned in a second expansion step until 2021.