Connected Intelligence for Mobility and Society

21. October 2014 | Engineering Service

Research and development on car-to-car (C2C) and car-to-x (C2X) communication has tremendously increased during the past years. Starting with preliminary studies more than 10 years ago, and subsequent development of early prototypes and demonstrators, some applications are already in use today in major fleet tests. In the future, connected cars will collect valuable data, also considered as “mobile sensors”, such as driving, traffic and environmental conditions.

This input can be used for smart mobility applications which, in particular, help to enhance road safety and the use of infrastructure in European urban environments. Against this background, Denso Automotive and FEV started the CITY-e project in the summer of 2013. Within the initial phase, a development platform was designed to create new and intelligent communication services (iCS) and subsequently verification in fleet tests. Electric vehicles from FEV fleet were used, since they provide extended CAN bus access to car and drive system data. An intelligent connection unit (iCU) analyzes the car and drive system data and provides it via telematics exchange to a private cloud as well as for C2C communication. With this infrastructure it is possible to process vehicle data, in addition to various external data, to support new communication services. Processed information can be used to assist the driver as well as traffic control centers and other authorities, for example, to resolve traffic disruptions.

Upon successful completion of the first project phase, the next phase will address development and testing of new functionalities and solutions, especially with regard to increase road safety.
The CITY-e development platform is available for use by additional external partners, to implement their own intelligent applications and services. This can be done in publicly-sponsored research and development projects, by a small consortium consisting of suppliers and OEMs or in cooperation with IT and telecommunication companies.


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