Expansion of the FEV Durability Test Center in Brehna (Leipzig, Germany)

24. October 2014 | Corporate

In the second expansion step at the FEV Durability Test Center (DLP) in Brehna in early July, Professor Stefan Pischinger, President and CEO of the FEV Group, launched the groundbreaking ceremony together with the state secretary of economic affairs, Dr. Tamara Zieschang.

In the first expansion step, the total investment for the test center already reached 50 million  euro. With the second expansion which includes six new engine test benches, a total of 75 million euro – including technical upgrades – will have been invested since 2007. As a result of this, FEV DLP is now one of the leading facilities worldwide.

“In addition to infrastructural advantages such as motorways and an airport, the automotive region of Leipzig-Halle offers easy access to specialists that are necessary for qualified durability tests of engines and powertrains”, stated Professor Dr. Stefan Pischinger, while explaining the advantages of the FEV facility. In return, the automotive region of Saxony-Anhalt will profit from the planned expansion as well. Driven by the continuous growth of the durability test center, FEV will offer 35 new permanent posts for qualified personnel and engineers.



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