Tailor-made vehicles from one single source

FEV vehicle development from concept to SOP

18. January 2018 | Engineering Service

Terrestrial vehicles—and passenger cars, in particular—are among the most complex products to be developed, validated, certified, and serviced. This combination of different factors makes vehicle development and validation a challenging business. Often, many different companies, large teams of experts, expensive equipment, and complex methodologies are involved in the process.


Main challenges in vehicle development:

  • High product complexity, with more than 3,000 parts and suppliers
  • Differing legal requirements
  • Wide range of technical requirements, including demands for performance, durability, reliability
  • Differing aesthetic requirements
  • Competition (high pressure for costs and product life-cycle, multinational OEMs and parts suppliers)
  • Mass-production volumes (automated manufacturing, extensive service network)
  • Product variety (from simple city car to sophisticated luxury sedan to hyper-sporty models)


Vehicle development and validation process


Efficient Support to Create Real Value


FEV offers its worldwide customers “turnkey” vehicle development from one single source. This turnkey service is based on FEV’s capabilities in the development of powertrains, as well as other complex systems, such as chassis, electrical engineering, body in white (BIW) — and the ability to integrate them at the full-vehicle level. At the same time, we have developed a significant network of partners in different market areas (Europe, USA, and Asia).


“Tight interaction with the most important universities and research centers in the world, together with a strong team of talented engineers, elevates FEV to the top in the international rankings for innovation,” explains Bernd Kircher, General Manager at FEV Automotive Service GmbH. New technologies and product solutions are regularly defined within international research programs and/or directly within clients’ projects. As a result, FEV is the right partner for OEM customers during all phases of vehicle development & validation. “As an engineering service provider, we offer an extensive range of expertise, capabilities, and methods—from the concept phase to series production support,” explains Michael Hog, group vice president vehicle development at FEV.




Testing and Validation


With more than 4,000 engineers working in proximity to our customer’s sites, FEV’s global footprint and multi-cultural organization allows us to provide efficient support to every OEM. With its extensive competence and experience, FEV’s Software & Testing Solutions business unit provides a full spectrum of expertise in the development, build, installation, and maintenance of fully customized test benches, as well as an extensive set of virtual and experimental vehicle testing capabilities. In addition, more than 180 existing test benches, including climatic chambers, vehicle dynos, semi-anechoic chambers, and powertrain testing facilities serve as a solid foundation for successful development programs.


FEV can also offer access to the Aldenhoven test center, a proving ground located close to our headquarters in Aachen, as well as various other certified RDE test tracks around the world. This unique testing ground offers ideal conditions for testing of advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving of all SAE levels. Vehicle facilities for prototype assembly, modification and instrumentation, as well as a full complement of the instruments and tools required, are available at FEV to assure project outcomes that are best-in-class.