FEVER cabinet for exhaust gas analysis

22. April 2015 | Software & Testing Solutions

The key functional elements of exhaust aftertreatment systems for combustion engines that will meet future exhaust emission standards include catalysts or particulate filters of different design and material composition. The development and application of these systems demands precise quantification of the legally-limited emissions values.

Since 2006, FEV has offered the FEVER exhaust analysis system (Fig. 10). The system concept was developed with a focus on achieving a service-friendly design (all components are accessible from front side) as well as on maximum flexibility regarding application-specific requirements. Optimized gas transport allows the fastest response times for dynamic measurements. The system also provides a newly developed air conditioning system that ensures that the analyzers operate under stable temperature conditions. These measures lead to very high measurement accuracy and help ensure good reproducibility of the results. FEVER’s modular design allows simple adaptation to any measurement task in the development field and for certification or quality assurance.

FEVER can typically be equipped with one or two exhaust gas measurement lines with up to ten individual analysis channels for each line. In addition to standard exhaust gas components such as THC, CH4, NO, NOx, CO, CO2 and O2, more analyzers can be integrated on request. Common additions are hot or cold EGR measurement or specially-tempered NO2 measurements. An integrated FTIR device is available as a further option, capable of simultaneously measuring up to 24 gases.

The cabinet can be operated manually via an integrated touch screen on the front door. A keyboard and mouse are not necessary for operation. Sample gas switching allows the use of a single FEVER system for exhaust gas analysis on multiple test benches or, alternatively, multiple extractions from one exhaust tract. The cabinet is mobile and equipped with wheels that facilitate its transport to different locations.

Since the system is based on a master/client software architecture, multiple users can have access to FEVER simultaneously; however, the control of the cabinet is given exclusively to only a single user. Control is possible either through a graphical user interface or via a test automation system.
Our achievements become your benefits:
•       Dynamic and accurate measurement of exhaust components, in compliance with EPA CFR1065 and EU VI legislation
•       Simple and intuitive operation via touch screen
•       High stability, very good accessibility and space-saving installation
•       Flexible setup of the measuring lines and definition of extractions points
•       Simultaneous usage of the system for different test benches

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