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FEVFlex Test Field Management: Effectively and easily connecting information and employees

11. June 2015 | Software & Testing Solutions

Efficient test information management has become an important pillar in shortening development cycles. In addition to the important question of how to more efficiently use test facilities and prototypes, the use of knowledge capital is increasingly becoming a key productivity factor. Future state-of-the-art test facility operation will require efficient resource management (both machines and human resources). Here, cross-linking of information and staff is one of the key strategies. In dynamic areas of activity with rapidly changing requirements, it is often a problem for the employee to find current and relevant information. Users must be able to save the knowledge they gain “on the job”.

Easy to use

FEVFlex as a central information system provides a highly efficient and highly integrated solution that both connects employees with information and preserves it. The central feature of FEVFlex is extremely simple operation. “Within 15 minutes, the employee knows 90 percent of the functions,” explains Kurt Zimmer, project manager at FEV, “Full-text search capability – similar to Google – and completely customizable storage and use of information enables the level of autonomy expected by the user.

Easy and fast integration

FEVFlex supports the complete information process in the development of new products – from planning and job creation through documentation of all activities, data management to analysis and reporting. It can be easily and cost-effectively embedded into existing processes and environments since the connections are implemented without changes to existing systems. This is achieved by means of the integrated FEVMove process. FEVFlex makes it possible to automatically integrate information from automation and production systems of all kinds in knowledge management, and thus enables the full documentation of the test activities and the “prototype life cycle”.

Easy and fast analysis and reporting

Graphical representations of all activities provide the user with a quick overview. In addition, detailed statistical analysis allows assessment of the optimization potential in the current processes. Based on this information, FEVFlex supports the test field planner, allowing them to plan upcoming projects more effectively and, thus, optimize the usage of resources. Moreover, the maintenance intervals of resources and test objects can, as well, be taken into account during the planning. A detailed task definition supports the production process – from the design of the components to the configuration of the automation systems.

>>The central feature of FEVFlex is extremely
simple operation – Within 15 minutes, the user knows 90 percent of the functions





Test field management: Measurement data processing

Test field management: Measurement data processing





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