FEV’s charge air conditioning system

6. May 2015 | Software & Testing Solutions

Highly charged and downsized engines can offer high engine performance, combined with lower fuel consumption and emissions, but such charging concepts require charge air cooling.

The charge air temperature has a significant influence on an engine’s performance and exhaust emissions characteristics, so accurate control of this parameter in a development testing environment is important. Significant and reproducible test results as well as highly efficient test bench operation are only achievable when the charge air temperature is accurately controlled.

Fig. 1: Re­gulating circuits of the  FEV Intercooler

Fig. 1: Re­gulating circuits of the
FEV Intercooler

FEV’s charge air conditioning system “InterCooler” performs this function automatically by controlling the combustion air temperature, independent of climate and engine operating conditions (Fig. 1).

FEV InterCooler offers a compact and space-saving design (Fig. 2). Installation is quick and easy. Only a power supply and control lines as well as the coolant system and piping between the engine and the system need to be connected.

FEV InterCooler stands out with various quality attributes and design features that guarantee excellent durability and ease of use. FEV has leveraged many years of experience in the field of combustion engine development and testing, which has resulted in a top-quality product that meets the highest requirements.


FEV has its own test facilities where each conditioning unit is adjusted, calibrated and thoroughly tested in every foreseeable respect to assure quality and efficiency. A detailed test report, documenting all of the relevant technical data is available to FEV’s customers.

Features and benefits of FEV InterCooler:

  •  Significant and reproducible test results (and, thereby reduced test cycles)
  •  Quick and easy installation
  •  All system components easily accessible (maintenance friendly)
  • All components are either maintenance-free or require only low maintenance levels
  • Compact and space saving design

Fig. 2: FEV InterCooler

Fig. 2: FEV InterCooler


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