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How FEV and D2T extend their capabilities

9. June 2015 | Software & Testing Solutions

Simulation, automation and controls

With the automation systems FEV TCM and D2T Morphee, FEV’s TOM controller, and the FEVALYS post processor D2T and FEV provide integrated and reliable controls for test cell operation. FEV Test System’s traditional focus is engine, transmission, and driveline testing for R&D, function development, friction investigations, durability and end of line testing. D2T’s focus is engine R&D, automation and simulation. Moreover, Morphee  adds further applications for chassis roller dynos and battery testing. The latter fits seamlessly into the existing hybrid testing experience of FEV. In addition, FEV offers experience in real-time networking component test bench (Virtual Shaft), from which D2T now benefits.
In the future, the FEV Group will offer both automation systems, favoring the D2T-I /O modules to measuring. At the same time, the existing compatibility will be maintained with third-party systems installed previously. Furthermore, the FEV Group offers a model-based collaborative framework, which covers the entire V-cycle starting with MiL, via HiL to components and system testing.


FEV is reinforced by

  • Applications for battery testing and chassis roller dynos
  • Extension of portfolio by D2T
    measurement modules
  • Simulation tools

D2T is reinforced by

  • Integrated solutions for transmission and driveline testing
  • Hybrid competence
  • Real time connection of component test benches


Test field management

FEVFlex test field management system and the FEVALYS data analysis software represent highly integrated, rapid and user-friendly solutions for data processing in test field operation.  In addition, to assure automatic execution and evaluation of emission cycles, FEVALYS is able to process data from FEV TCM as well as from D2T Morphee automation.


D2T adds competencies in

  • evaluation of emission cycles



FEV’s decades of experience in performing turn-key test center projects will be expanded to include  D2Ts competencies in chassis dynamometers and battery test benches, as well as a variety of additional measurement, test and dyno systems.  As a result, the FEV Group is now in the position to offer individualized, yet standard, test bench solutions with full turn-key capability for almost every application and demand.

FEV acquires competencies in

  • chassis roller and battery test benches
  • further measurement, test and dyno systems

D2T acquires competencies in

  • planning and consulting of turn key solutions
  • execution of turn-key solutions


Conditioning and measurement systems

FEV‘s broad range of measurement and conditioning systems features robust and high-precision tools with unique measurement principles and calibration routines. Many of these systems can now be integrated into the D2T Morphee automation system, thus complementing the D2T product portfolio. The emission measurement system FEVER, the FuelCon fuel conditioning and the AirRate combustion air measurement systems will be capable of operating with both the TCM and Morphee automation systems using proven interfaces. In addition, FEV’s long lasting experience in use and development of emission test systems enables FEV to offer emission bundle competences necessary for the emission testing during homologation.

FEV is reinforced by

  • integration of FEV products into D2T Morphee

D2T adds

  • FEV products to its portfolio
  • emission testing for homologation to its portfolio


Data acquisition and indication

FEV FEVIS with its easy to use and intuitive user interface enables for efficient implementation of workflows. Even dual logging procedures – i.e. event based measurement
triggered in parallel to regular measurements – do not compromise accuracy of the
measurement. Furthermore, D2T’s powerful electronics allows in-vehicle-indication
during combustion analysis. In the future, FEVIS will be offered with D2T amplifiers
while full compatibility to third party products will be maintained.

FEV acquires competencies in

  • in-vehicle indication
  • robust D2T hardware

D2T acquires competencies in

  • test field management
  • powerful FEV software


Software and DoE

With D2T ICE² and FEV FEVcal, the FEV Group offers powerful tools for automated model-based calibration that minimize testing efforts via targeted use of DoE methods. More than 400 FEV specialists in more than 35 locations around the globe and implement these solutions and offer them to our customers.



The spectrum of dynamometers that is offered now covers both eddy-current brakes and asynchronous machines as well as highly-dynamic synchronous machines. In combination with powerful controllers, almost every load profile can be simulated in the test bench – even cornering with all-wheel-drive vehicles.



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