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Laurent Dubosc and Albert Haas talk about the goals of the D2T-acquisition

18. June 2015 | Software & Testing Solutions

With the acquisition of D2T, FEV has developed into a leading international test system provider with a global network to meet local demand. The global network of the FEV Group comprises 35 subsidiaries and development centers all over the world, including more than 170 test benches for various applications. Globally, the Test Systems division will be headed by Dr. Albert Haas.  In this capacity, he will coordinate and be responsible for the test systems related activities within FEV’s regional units in Europe, the USA, China, India, South Korea and Japan.
Laurent Dubosc will be responsible for the development of D2T test systems in France, while Philippe Lacassagne will lead the global sales activities and be responsible for business development. “These measures will improve our global efficiency but will have no impact on our customers or our individual business partners as it relates to their daily interactions with us,” promises Prof. Stefan Pischinger, President and CEO of FEV Group.

>>We will continue the product lines of both companies

What are the customer benefits of the acquisition?

Dubosc: The combination of the D2T and FEV portfolios, the resulting combination of the teams for product development, project engineering and service will enable us to serve our customers even better in the future. The most important information for all of the existing customers of both D2T and FEV, is likely that we will continue the product lines of both companies.

Haas: That’s correct, all of the existing product lines will be maintained. In order to ensure ongoing support and development of our products, we intend to use all of our various business locations in Europe and the existing capacities there.  set a different emphasis for each location in Europe – according to their respective competencies – and, in doing so, to manage and promote products from our joint portfolio. And in this regard, the core competence for the original D2T products will remain in Trappes. In order to ensure efficient development of our products, these sites – depending strongly on their existing expertise – will supervise and promote various specialties and, thus, products of our joint portfolio. The core competency of the original D2T products in Trappes will remain.

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Products and services that seamlessly integrate into the service portfolio,” – that is the official wording. Can you briefly sketch the product line extensions?

Haas: FEV’s product portfolio is extended by the D2T I/O modules. The MIO F01 complements our FEVIS combustion analysis system: when used together with an engine-mounted speed sensor, the module provides synchronization signals. Additionally, the MIO series is an alternative data acquisition module to FEV’s IntegRate. The modules can be integrated via modern EtherCAT technology into FEV’s TCM automation system.

>>The importance of test field management, automation and combustion analysis will constantly

What is the product line extension for D2T?

Dubosc: D2T’s portfolio is extended by FEV’s renowned conditioning unit products and as well as by air flow and blow-by measurement systems. The test data evaluation software FEVALYS supplements the existing Morphee applications for light and heavy duty emission cycles. In addition, our combined supplier network enables us to offer application specific dynamometers, inverters, and sensors. The whole range will now include eddy-current brakes, asynchronous machines, as well as highly dynamic synchronous machines.

You already mentioned the roles and functions of the European locations. What will be the global effect of the acquisition?

Dubosc: Especially in the core markets in which D2T is traditionally strong – for example, in Korea – D2T products will remain the preferred option. The various products of D2T and FEV will continue to be used, depending on the respective core markets and customers. The objective of the coming years is to continue the product development by using the full synergy of both companies.

How will these products look and will there be a special

Haas: The products in the fields of test field management, automation and combustion analysis are of significant strategic importance to us. In the coming years, the importance of these disciplines as well as the requirements will constantly increase. We will emphasize maximizing the compatibility of successor systems with regard to interfaces, configuration data, and the reusability of data structures and content in order to offer the maximum benefit to our existing customers.



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