State-of-the-Art Battery Development for Future Drive Systems

Location France

4. September 2018 | Corporate

FEV France operates two test centers in Paris and Rouen (Normandie). In addition to the development of innovative test bench technology, one of the focal points in France is the development of electric mobility solutions. FEV is currently expanding its battery test center in Paris in order to meet stricter requirements and to expand the services offered in the Electronics and Electrification business area.


The nearly 600 square meter facility is expected to start operations this year. It will be equipped for state-of-the-art technological requirements and includes four walkable test cells for large traction batteries and four test cells for battery packs with a power supply of up to 1,200 V. Additionally, there will be up to 300 channels for testing battery cells and modules, and all test cells will be equipped with air- conditioning.


Beyond that, the new FEV Test Center will rely on extensive real-time simulation tools, which have the ability to put batteries through a simulation of streets, vehicles, and powertrains in their respective individual application scenarios. An additional test bench for e-drives will enable the complete examination of electric powertrains. The number of test benches at the two test centers operated in France will now increase to 18.


Since its foundation in France in 2004, FEV has already made a name for itself with the development of devices and software for test benches, in addition to solutions for powertrains. MORPHEE, one of the most famous automation systems on the market, is an example of widely circulated software in this context.


In the future, FEV France and its more than 700 employees will be increasingly involved in the aviation and space travel sector. Among other things, an office in Toulouse was opened in 2017.