Serial Production of Powerful VCR Rods: FEV and Hilite form Partnership

VCR Rods

21. September 2018 | Engineering Service

The FEV Group and automotive parts supplier Hilite International are partnering to develop and manufacture a two-stage, variable compression ratio (VCR) connecting rod. The goal of this partnership is to leverage synergies in the development of the product and devise a cost-efficient solution for serial production.

This collaboration is mutually beneficial for both parties. FEV will provide the development and systems expertise, while Hilite, an established systems supplier on the market, has vast experience in production. Furthermore, the company, based in Marktheidenfeld, Germany, can produce large quantities of the components and is therefore a strong partner in the final development phase of the VCR connecting rod – the know-how can be ideally bundled. VCR connecting rods are an important technology for the future of the internal combustion engine to considerably reduce CO2 and exhaust emissions in real operation. FEV’s solution has the advantage that it can be incorporated into nearly any engine without an entire redesign.

The VCR technology meets the challenges of downsizing and the associated increase in combustion pressure by enabling optimal adjustment of the compression ratio at any time. This innovative approach is a reasonable complement to the wide variety of future powertrain solutions for affordable, personal mobility. The optimized internal combustion engine will continue to play a major role alongside purely electric drives – in particular, for long-distance travel – and in hybrid vehicles. That claim is even more valid when considering that the properties of future, renewable fuels (referred to as “e-fuels”) encounter favorable conditions within a VCR engine.

The two-stage, VCR connecting rod developed by FEV is already being used in multiple demonstration vehicles. The company also has prototypes for heavy-duty and large engines, which have already proven their performance in a comprehensive series of tests.


About Hilite

Since it was founded in June 1999, Hilite International has grown into a global automobile parts supplier. The focus is on the development and production of systems and components for improving fuel consumption and reducing emissions. The company demonstrates its comprehensive experience and vast expertise with advanced products for engines and powertrains.

Hilite has just under 1,600 employees at eight locations in Europe, North America and Asia.

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