Innovative and Full of Energy

Location Munich

19. January 2019 | Corporate

EVA Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH was founded in 1994 and has been a part of the FEV Group since 2017. In light of the increasing development work for the completely electric powertrain, especially on high-voltage batteries, EVA, a specialist for high-voltage batteries and e-mobility, complements the expertise of FEV in the Electronics & Electrification business segment.

For the development of high-performance high-voltage batteries, which must meet strict requirements regarding energy content, range, resistance, temperature resistance, weight, and costs, EVA has demonstrated its considerable expertise in this field through the construction of several prototypes in the stationary area.

In addition to energy storage, EVA has also made a name for itself among automotive and energy sector customers through innovative services and products for the entire electrification process, ranging from the first concepts to systems, components, integration, securitization, and loading infrastructure. Along with FEV resources, EVA uses its own testing laboratory, a prototype building, and technical documentation for this.

At three Munich locations, there are now more than 400 experts working for FEV and EVA.